What We Do

Our Services

With over 50 combined years of experience, our team of experts can help you turn your business into the customer centric money making machine that you've always dreamt of.  

Our services are offered as a turnkey package.  Whatever areas you need consulting with, we can help.

You will receive one or more of our experts on site, in person at your business for as long as you desire.  

We will train you and your team all procedures and systems that we have successfully implemented into our own businesses over the years.  

Our Areas of Expertise


1. Hiring the right people

2. Setting your company culture

3. Finding your Inner Circle

4. Management 


1. Customer In Store Experience

2. Customer Relationships

3. Customer Retention

4. Creating Brand Advocates

Daily Operations

1. Inventory Management (Including Auditing and Theft Prevention)

2. Employee Theft Prevention

3. Safety Measures (Including Firearms and Burglary Prevention)

4. Dealing with Competition

Online Presence

1. Marketing Strategies

2. Sales

3. Social Media Presence 

FFL Compliance

1. Training staff in regards to ATF Compliance standards and procedures

2. Extensive 4473 Training

3. In House Auditing that can help prepare you to pass an actual ATF audit with flying colors.